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that you didn't expect

We do not deny it; We are made of a different material and we love it. From our kitchen come the best dishes from the gastronomic cradle of Italy: Bologna.

Delicious Sharing Boards, Pastas, Lasagnas, Salads, Nuvolettas... authentic recipes from our grandmothers brought to our days with our personal touch.

Our dishes are prepared with fresh and high quality ingredients; delicious dishes that we hope will transport you to the streets of Italy.

But it's not just the food that makes our restaurants special, our style is also special and you know it. We want our atmosphere and energy to complete your gastronomic experience and make each experience unique and memorable. Ciao Spain!

Our letter

We import many of our ingredients directly from Italy. They are the ones responsible for creating the magic of our award-winning selection of dishes… Did you know that in our menu we use 5 of the best cheeses in the world?

Bresca and its chef Paolo Maglia are very aware of new ways of eating such as Vegan and Vegetarian diets and the growing increase in intolerances such as the one that exists towards Gluten.

That is why we have multitude of vegetarian and 100% vegetable options and a remarkable menu of Gluten-Free products; from Salads, Pastas, Tigellas, Nuvolettas, Beers and Desserts.

We are endorsed by FACE, the Federation of Celiac Associations of Spain, which guarantees that we meet all the requirements at the product level, kitchen operations and training of our team.

A complete and above all safe offer for the celiac group.

A Stone's Throw

C/ Fuencarral
Lavapiés Madrid
Sol Madrid
Alcalá de Henares


Project Solidary

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Every time you order our charity dish “Happy Heart” we contribute 1 EURO to the Alice Italian Food Academy project. An organization in Nairobi that gives hope for a better life to people without resources by offering them training scholarships in Italian cuisine that allows them to continue their training so that they can later join the labor market in their country.

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