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A beautiful restaurant set in a Bolognese tavern in the heart of Madrid, 2 steps from the Glorieta de Bilbao.

And we come with a surprise, an incredible and picturesque 19th century Cellar on the Ground Floor for private events and celebrations. Call us and consult us.

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In Fuencarral there are many Italian restaurants and there are many recipes for nuvolettas that seem to be Italian. In Bresca, the nuvolettas are incredible!

Arriving from Italy, in our Italian restaurant in the center of Madrid you can taste the best Italian nuvolettas in Fuencarral. Who doesn't love a good nuvoletta? Wherever there is a good homemade sourdough nuvoletta, let the rest be removed.

Italy is characterized by being the land of good eating. If you want to taste the best dishes of classic Bolognese gastronomy, coming to Bresca will not disappoint you!

In our Italian restaurant we are characterized by having a kitchen dedicated to pasta and typical sausages.

Are you looking for a Italian food restaurant at home? At Bresca we make it easy for you so you don't have to leave home. When you enter our website, in our menu you will find a section with the name 'Delivery', where you will have to enter your address to verify that our restaurant delivers in that area.

When you place your order at home, you will find all the dishes that appear on our menu, so choosing a favorite dish from all that we have will not be an easy task.

Clear! In our menu you can find a wide variety of vegetarian Italian dishes so you can enjoy our authentic Italian cuisine in Fuencarral.

Thus, depending on the variety, some of our Italian dishes include ingredients such as mushrooms, olives and peppers. Now it's your turn to enjoy!

Italian restaurant in Fuencarral