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Excitement and recognition at the Hot Concepts awards

Discover Bresca and Totale, the two gastronomic projects of Paolo Maglia where quality Italian food is the main protagonist.

Paolo Maglia, Entrepreneur of the Year 2021 at the Hot Concepts Awards

What are Hot Concepts Awards?

Recently, the long-awaited 18th Hot Concepts Awards gala took place, which was postponed in 2020 due to Covid-19. To put you in context, it is a annual event held in Madrid organized by Restauración News, a popular magazine in the restaurant sector. These awards aim to give a recognition of leaders in the hospitality sector. Among many categories and three nominations in each category, a select expert and active jury in the hospitality area are in charge of justifying and deciding the 20 winners according to each category. An emotional gala that honored the efforts that hoteliers have made after more than a year of pandemic to move their businesses forward and continue growing, providing work and helping many people. Something that, without them, would not be possible.

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Who are the winners?

This successful event featured sponsors and collaborators from the likes of ElPozo or Fagor, among others. After a welcome cocktail, all the guests went to the large auditorium of the Goya Theater where they began to present the nominees in each category. The magician More was in charge of presenting the gala, and Ignacio Rojas (president of Step) to inaugurate it. Thus began the awards ceremony, with the collection of the trophy for the winners being very special. businessmen and the subsequent words of gratitude that, although they had to be brief due to the controlled time of the event, were full of emotion and joy for this reunion, and for the tribute received after the hardest year professionally in the sector, in which most of them They had to look for new ways to reinvent themselves and digitalize to move forward.

So, bringing together the elders leaders in the restaurant sector In our country, prestigious awards were given such as “career record”, “revelation company”, or one of the most anticipated: “Entrepreneur of the year 2021”.

Paolo Maglia: entrepreneur of the year 2021 award

The winner, who collected the trophy for businessman of the year 2021, was Paolo Maglia, CEO of Italian Fooding. Having been the founder of Papizza, the most popular chain of sliced pizza, he was launched being creator of new concepts innovations that have begun and gained strength since mid-2020. Getting started in a pandemicOf course, it has been his greatest challenge and greatest victory.

The organizers of Hot Concepts themselves describe him: “With a long history of creating concepts, businessman Paolo Maglia once again surprises the public with the launch and promotion of two new concepts in the midst of a pandemic: Bresca and Totale Pizzería Pop, “Between the two of them, there are more than ten stores.”

Demonstrating, in this way, the ability to develop and launch revelation concepts, solving the difficulties of his business in the midst of a crisis, he was presented with this well-deserved award, which he was able to compensate with words of gratitude for the sector and his own career. , which like everyone else's, was not easy.

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His two big projects: Bresca and Totale

The Italian Fooding group has in Italian restaurants in Madrid, Ibiza and Portugal, and some upcoming openings they have planned in other regions of the Iberian Peninsula.

This group is oriented towards the creation of new concepts of Italian gastronomy, bet on a unique project and original, differentiating itself from the rest of the franchises, thus generating little competition, and offering customers quality, but at affordable prices.

Bresca and Totale are the two great projects with which they have delighted us.

The first, Bresca, consists of a mix of the typical Spanish tavern with the classic Italian trattoria, where you can taste quality Italian ingredients, excellent pasta dishes at good value for money. The great success of Bresca is sustained by the simple and studied preparation that, without requiring a professional chef, does not lose the quality and rich flavor of its products. In addition, the extensive menu it offers and the focus on dishes for vegans and celiacs are striking. Attractive spaces to enjoy, without rules or limits, with your partner or friends.

On the other hand, Totale Pizzería Pop, which began its journey in June 2020 with a small location in Madrid, already has seven points of sale between Spain and Portugal, and upcoming openings scheduled. This pizzeria is innovative for its four different types of dough and its original recipes inspired by pop songs. With quality ingredients and easy operations like Bresca, it has positioned itself among the reference pizzeria franchises in Madrid. Colorful spaces, an ideal place to spend good times with the family.

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Quality Italian food in Spain

Bresca and Totale Pizzería Pop are two chains of reference Italian restaurants in Madrid, Ibiza, Portugal, and that little by little it will spread to new regions. Directly from Bologna, the city of origin of the founders of these two franchises, these restaurants are a magnificent opportunity to immerse yourself in the authentic Italian cuisine with quality raw materials and pleasant spaces in which to have a fun time with family and friends. Live the experience and tell us if you are a Bresca lover, or have a Totale heart.

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